That One Time I Used Amazon’s One-Click

I came home from work today to discover a package waiting for me—a package I thought I had cancelled days earlier. When I tried to cancel it a second time using Amazon’s website I was told that the package had not shipped yet so I couldn’t. That’s when I decided to try contacting customer service…

You are now connected to Arun from Amazon.com

Me: The item purchased turned out to be a lot more expensive than was originally listed. Because I used the “one-click” payment I ended up paying $37 instead of the $25 I expected to pay. I tried to “cancel” within an hour or so of placing it, but apparently that didn’t work because I received the item in the mail today anyway. Now I have to go through the hassle of contacting you guys, returning the item blah blah blah. Super annoying.

Arun: Hello, my name is Arun. I’ll be happy to help you today. I am really sorry for the inconvenience and I will surely assist you with that.

Can I have the order number?

Me: sure


i have screenshots of the iphone app showing $25

for some reason it was listed as $25 in the search results but $37 on the item itself

but of course i didn’t notice that until it was too late

Arun: I can understand that but you placed the order from seller DataVision Computer Video and item price was Item Price: $37.99 .

Me: but isn’t it amazon’s fault for showing the item for $25? you list the item at two different prices

Arun: I am sorry, item was $25 from other seller but you placed the order from other seller.

Me: nope

Arun: If you want to return the item please contact the seller,

Me: i can send you the screenshot if you want

Arun: Why didn’t you contact us after placing the order on 30th?

Me: i did actually

i used your site to “cancel” the order

which it said it did

but i don’t see it recorded anywhere

i did it within the hour of placing the order

Arun: No, I am sorry but you should have contacted us so we could have checked the price.

Me: hm well that’s pretty lame customer service if you ask me

Arun: As the order is from third party seller so I request you to contact the seller.

Me: i shouldn’t have to jump through hoops because you guys can’t get your data straight

you guys should take responsibility for facilitating the transaction

Arun: I am really sorry for that and I can understand your frustration. However if the item was from Amazon I would have issued the refund but this is a seller order so I am unable to do that

The only option is to contact the seller.

Me: can’t you guys do it for me?

I really don’t have time for this even

Arun: Yes, I can send the email to seller on your behalf. Will that be fine with you?

Me: what will it say?

Arun: It will say that , seller charged the wrong price and refund the difference.

Me: hm is that true though?

it looks more like you guys just messed up to me

Arun: Thank you, I have sent the email.

Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Me: is there a way i can send you my screenshots?

Arun: No, if needs seller will request that and sent them and then they will issue refund,

Me: well this seems like you may have just made the situation more complicated

Arun: I am really sorry for that but what else you want me to do?

Me: just cancel the order?

i’ll just go out of my way to send it back

hopefully i don’t get charged?

Arun: Yes, I can send the email to cancel the order as well.

Me: yeah if it’s not too late, I think i’d rather just do that

Arun: Yes, I have done that and you are not charged yet,

Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Me: do i have to pay for return shipping?

Arun: No, it will canceled before it shipped out.

Me: no no

i already have the item

it’s here

that’s why this is so annoying

i can’t believe it got here so fast actually

Arun: Alright, seller will send the prepaid return label.

Me: especially when i thought it was cancelled

haha ok so I wait for the prepaid return label to come in the mail?

Arun: Yes, thank you.

Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Me: sigh

ok and then when the seller gets the item back i’ll get a refund?

Arun: Yes, you are correct,

Me: good grief

Arun: Thank you.,

Me: ok well thanks for taking care of that anyway

Arun: You’re welcome.

Thanks for visiting Amazon.com. We hope to see you again soon!

Good Bye.

Me: bye

Maybe he was right about the price being for a different seller? Either way, I’m certainly confused. Amazon is a steaming pile of proof that a company doesn’t need good design or to even give a crap about its customers to get mega-huge and successful.

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The Right Opportunity

As they say in that commercial (you know the one I’m talking about): “life comes at you fast.” Less than 8 weeks ago, I had no idea what Pinterest was, let alone imagined that I’d be packing up the family and moving to California before the end of July. If you ask my friends, I’m sure they’ll tell you this was no surprise; moving to the bay area is something I’ve been talking about for years. But still, I can’t help but feel a little shocked that I’m writing this post from Palo Alto instead of Provo today.

If you’re a startup guy like me, you probably have a hard time imagining yourself at a larger more established company (even if that company is as cool as Facebook or Google). The term ‘startup’ gets thrown around a lot these days and young companies come in all shapes and sizes. In my case, I was looking for a startup that met a few specific requirements.

Early but not without funding

I’m prepared to take a risk, but being a parent means I’m not the only one taking the risk anymore. This may not apply to everyone, but for those with families, it’s a big deal. It reminds me of something Paul Graham wrote:

"Another way to decrease the risk is to join an existing startup instead of starting your own. Being one of the first employees of a startup is a lot like being a founder, in both the good ways and the bad."

The earlier you join a startup, the more impact you’ll be able to have. I’ve only been at Pinterest for 3 weeks and I’ve already experienced this personally. One of my first tasks was to add a feature that makes it possible for users pin videos. We launched the feature last Monday and nearly 20,000 videos have been pinned so far. I’m quite certain that nothing I’ve ever done in my life has touched so many people in such a short amount of time.

Great team with a strong sense of direction

I can’t overstate how important this was to me. There were several good signs that helped me feel good about joining Pinterest. One that stands out to me was how careful the founders have been about publicity. In an era where so many startups seem to be overly focused on the fundraising game, it’s refreshing to meet a group of founders who haven’t forgotten their users. Pinterest is under-hyped for a reason (for now anyway).

Great product with adoring customers

I knew Pinterest was something special the moment I first saw it. Now that I’m on the team I realize that even more. We get fan mail pretty much every day. And not just simple ‘thank you’ notes, either; these are long gushing love letters. We have the best users ever.

Exciting technical challenges

This one caught me off guard. I knew that joining an early stage startup would present new technical challenges. What I didn’t realize was just how much I would learn and how quickly I would be thrust into the thick of it. I feel like I’m drinking from the firehose, but there’s honestly nothing I’d rather be doing at this point in my career. Pinterest is growing so quickly right now that it’s giving me opportunities to work on things I’d only ever dreamed of before.

As you can probably tell, I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to help turn Pinterest into something millions of people use and appreciate. I’ll do my best to post more as the site grows.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a great opportunity to work with amazing people on an exciting problem for the best users in the world, apply here. :-)


Video Pins

My second ‘visible’ contribution since joining Pinterest is now live (the first was the new “Pin It” button for websites)! Almost 15,000 videos have been pinned since the feature was launched on Monday. More details on the Pinterest blog:


Today, we’re excited to introduce a brand new feature at Pinterest: Video Pins! If you’ve ever wanted to pin a DIY tutorial, a cooking lesson, a music video, or just a Beluga whale enjoying a Mariachi Band, now you can.

Just push the very same Pin It button you have installed in your bookmarks bar whenever you see a YouTube video. We are hard at work adding support for other video sites. 


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